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Dry Erase Markerboard Top Tables and Desks

Dry Erase Markerboard Top Tables and Desks

With its many benefits, dry erase tables are ideal for a classroom or a makerspace. The surface of a dry erase table is made out of a writable high-pressure laminate, making it an excellent alternative to a regular school desk. Below are some of the reasons you should consider a dry erase desk.

Inspires Creativity

Also known as a whiteboard table or a whiteboard desk, a dry erase table is suitable for use as a doodle table or brainstorming table. It allows people to express their thoughts and ideas conveniently. They don't have to worry about wasting paper or making a mess. So if they make a mistake, they can erase their work and try again.

Facilitates Collaboration

A whiteboard desk can also improve collaboration among students. They can write about or express their ideas with a drawing or diagram on a dry erase desk. A dry erase table also makes it easy for students to comment on others’ work and connect their works to achieve a common goal. If students want to save their work, all they need to do is take a picture of the table's surface with a phone or camera.

Teachers can also easily view their students' work, write comments, and make instant corrections, if needed, on a dry erase table. MooreCo and Muzo have tables that can be flipped upright. These allow students to present their work to their teachers and classmates.

Ideal for Shy Students

Shy and introverted students find it hard to express themselves verbally. They are more comfortable sharing their thoughts through writing and drawing. Thus, a dry erase desk would allow students to share their ideas without speaking in front of others.

Can Boost Learning

Many believe that writing and doodling can encourage critical thinking among students more than typing. Therefore, using a dry erase table can give students a better learning experience.

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