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Science Teacher Desks and Chemistry Teacher Desks

Science Teacher Desks and Chemistry Teacher Desks

When you need a desk for a science classroom, you cannot just opt for a regular desk, at least not if you want to demonstrate experiments. As such, teacher desks for science tend to be of a particular style and withstand various chemical reactions and accidental spills. You will also likely want to get some of these science desks for students to use in labs.

Good for All Types of Science Classes

These science desks are sturdy and versatile enough to work well for any science class. They can handle the occasional accidental spill or high temperature from chemistry labs. They can also handle the substances biologists work with. These desks are durable and resistant enough to work for all subjects.

This gives you a high level of versatility, as you won’t need to move the lab desks between classrooms if you need to rearrange how the sciences are laid out in your school for some reason.

They Also Work as Student Lab Desks

While these are for use as instructor desks, they are also excellent choices for any student lab, including all subjects and age ranges. After all, their materials can handle the various experiments that students run. The ability to use the same desks for instructors and students makes it even easier to purchase.

Choose Your Storage and Sink Configurations

Our lab desks from Diversified Woodcrafts all feature sinks as well as storage. But you get to choose the number of drawers or cabinets you need for a desk, as well as the ideal arrangement for them.

You can even choose to get a teacher’s desk that sits on wheels. This is good for mobile demonstrations or classrooms that accommodate a range of class types. After all, you can move them out of the way when a non-science class is taking place.
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