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Teachers Desks

Desks for Teachers

Check out our selection of teacher desks from popular brands like Virco, Mooreco, Smith System, Haskell Education, and more. Choose from single pedestal, double pedestal, L-shaped desks, mobile desks, and even office desk suites. Our school desks will make great additions to your classroom or any office space that needs a professional looking desk. You’ll find a large collection of laminate colors available, so matching your existing classroom furnishings should be a breeze.

  • Adjustable/Sit-to-Stand Desks: These teacher desks feature telescoping legs that allow them to shift up or down, depending on if you want to be sitting or standing at a particular moment. This means you can easily shift from lecturing to grading papers without having to leave your workstation.
  • Lecterns/Podiums: The best place to command the attention of your students during a lecture or lesson is at the head of the class and behind a lectern. Whether attached to a desk or independent, lecterns and podiums will let you have lesson materials close at hand without having to constantly look down to refer to them. 
  • Mobile Workstations: The growing demands of the classroom, especially on the digital and electronic front, have spurred some furniture manufacturers to develop specialized desks for teachers. These workstations are meant specifically to incorporate multiple electronic devices such as laptops and tablets. These desks are perfect for any class with a heavy reliance on digital or multimedia materials. 
  • L-Shaped Desks: A simple yet elegant way to add more surface area to a desk, an L-shaped desk fits neatly into the corner of the classroom, giving the teacher plenty of space for teaching materials, a personal computer, and more, while also making it easy to enter and exit. 
  • Pedestal and Double Pedestal Desks: One of the oldest designs for school teacher desks, but still one of the most popular, these designs feature a pedestal of drawers and cabinets along one side of the desk. This means teaching material, graded schoolwork, and supplies can be stored within easy reach. Double pedestals, as their name implies, feature a pedestal on either side of the desk, doubling up on storage capacity. 

Buy Teacher Desks for Classrooms

Learn more about selecting the right teacher desk for your school, learning center, or office in our school desk buyer’s guide

At Worthington Direct, we offer a wide range of desks designed specifically for teachers from top designers and brands like Mooreco, Smith System, Paragon, CEF, and more. With multiple options and configurations available, we can help you find exactly the desk you need that can meet the unique requirements of your classroom.

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