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Storage Furniture-Cubbies Units

Everybody wants to have more space in the office or at home. Unfortunately, space is an
expensive commodity now. What you can do is maximize the available space you have with
smart storage solutions, such as a mobile cubby storage cabinet.


Storage shelves should create more space for a room. Cubbies are multipurpose. You can use the
top of the shelf as a workstation, while the shelves underneath hold bags and supplies. A tower-
like structure can hold numerous tubs to maximize the room’s corner space. The tower fits there
because you can turn it around to get to the shelf you need.

You can also put hooks underneath the wall-mounted daycare cubbies. That’s where you can
hang your coats as you enter the room. Make sure to place this near the entry or exit. Another
way to save on space is to use a foldable and lockable cubby storage. Imagine a desk that you
can open up in the middle. Inside, you can find several shelves that can hold tubs and trays.

Other Cubby Uses

It is also not unusual to use the cubby as a locker. Each shelf has a tray that you can label with
your name. Some cubby storage cabinets have lock mechanisms to prevent unauthorized people
from accessing the items inside. Removable hardboards can create more space for bulky items.

You can also use the cubbyholes as a mail sorter. Some of these storage cabinets have slender
racks for holding paperwork. Such design allows you to use the entire space, wasting not an inch
of the shelf. You can create a color-coding scheme to sort the mail effectively.

Quality Cubby Brands

Wood Designs, Tot-Mate, and Angeles make some incredible storage cabinets you can use at
home, office, and school. You can mix and match these cabinets to maximize your space and
create more organized rooms.

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