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Cafeteria Tables and Lunchroom Tables

Every school must have lunch tables, whether for a full meal or snack time. No matter the style of cafeteria tables that you need for your school, Worthington Direct has them.

Tables and Chairs Attached for Convenience

Our inventory of school cafeteria furniture includes tables with attached bench or stool seating. This option saves you the hassle of figuring out which benches or chairs work best with your chosen table. This also saves you time, letting you focus your efforts on more important tasks. If you want lunch tables for schools with attached seating, you will have the choice of traditional benches and individual stools.

We also have lunch tables that don’t have attached seating. This provides more versatility, letting you choose the best seats for your students and space.

Various Sizes and Shapes

Since every school cafeteria can be fitted differently, we carry tables and chairs of varying shapes and sizes. Most are traditional rectangular tables, but we also have circular or elliptical options and even hexagon cafeteria tables. Between the choices from Amtab, National Public Seating, KI, and other brands, you have plenty of products to choose from.

There are even some unique options, such as convertible bench cafeteria tables, where the same piece can be the back of a bench or a tabletop. These are excellent choices for schools that utilize the cafeteria as a multipurpose space such as an auditorium. 

Space-Saving Options

Folding lunch tables are ideal for schools with limited space. For example, if you use the same multi-purpose area as the lunchroom and gym, the ability to fold and roll the tables for easy storage is crucial. For added convenience, many of these folding school cafeteria tables are also on wheels for easy transportation to the storage space.

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