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Worthington Direct Testimonials

Worthington Direct Testimonials

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We want our customers to enjoy their shopping experience here at Worthington Direct. Here are a few comments we've received over the years prior to Trustpilot.

  • I have to commend you on your customer service. I have had to reach out a couple of times to your company, and both times I have received swift responses. Thank you for putting the customer first.
    Karen, Aurora Public Libraries (June 2022)

  • We had a last minute request for 35 desks and 35 chairs. I was at a bit of a loss as to how I could possibly get these ordered, let alone receive a decent price, and receive them by June 30th. I used the online BOT your company has and Alisa popped on right away.

    I need to tell you what an amazing person she has been. Her communication replies are lightning speed. She was able to get quotes, change quotes, change items within the quote all while being extremely friendly. I cannot even begin to tell you how lucky your company is to have an employee, such as Alisa. It is a breath of fresh air to work with a person who truly knows their job and is efficient at it.
    Cinda DeVoe, Administrative Assistant for the Natural Sciences Division at Western Oregon University (May 2022)

  • Thank you very much for your quick response. I really appreciate the wonderful customer service you provide and all your hard work!
    Bea K. (March 2022)

  • It is so refreshing to do business with an organization that is dedicated to customer service.
    Tammy T. (February 2022)

  • Thank you for such a user friendly website - it makes my job as a school bookkeeper so much easier!
    Shelley H. (October 2021)

  • Thank you SO much for your help with this! You really have blessed our school with your assistance in the furniture purchasing process!
    Dawn W. (October 2021)

  • Thank you so much for the great customer service we get when working with your company. It is one of the reasons we make a lot of our purchases from you. So Again Thank you!
    Linda S. (September 2021)

  • You have made the process easy and it's been a pleasure working with you and I know our teacher will be delighted.
    Phillip N. (August 2021)

  • Thank you for your help! It is always very easy to do business with you!
    Lega M. (June 2021)

  • Thank you, thank you! Your customer care is outstanding!
    Diana A. (June 2021)

  • I spoke to 2 fine young men today at your company. They were so polite and helpful! I was very impressed. I was nervous about delivery of items as my last day is tomorrow and I want to make sure I am here and have help on delivery days to get the furniture in the building. They told me so many things that will help me! Most importantly, the 2 big shipments, I will get a call 24 hours before.
    Thank you so much. I am so excited, this is a huge responsibility for me and your company makes me look good!
    Joanne W. (June 2021)

  • Thanks so much for your help. As you can see I love Worthington, I think you guys are a great vendor source for the schools.
    Kathleen K. (June 2021)

  • Worthington Direct was the only school furniture supplier to contact us back with quotes, pricing or any other kind of customer service. School Outfitters only offered web site pricing and School Specialty never replied at all.
    Todd P. (June 2021)

  • You are my favorite, most reliable, nicest vendor! What a year.
    Deborah B. (February 2021)

  • Worthington Direct folks are the best! Easy ordering process, competent employees, and an avenue for small orders. One doesn't have to order a classroom full of items when only one item is needed.
    Vondi F. (December 2020)

  • I appreciate your attention to detail and going beyond the call of duty. Since these items are being paid by the District, I need to make sure I make the best decision I can. So, I am grateful that you are patient with me.
    Sophia M. (November 2020)

  • Thank you for being such a great company in which to do business. I bought a scientific table from you to hold my two microscopes.

    First, your company had what I wanted. Second, your company services private people too as we usually order one item for ourselves instead of items for a whole laboratory or classroom. But third, I would like you to know how helpful Lety has been to me by answering my questions, facilitating the transaction, and going the extra mile to see that the table was delivered!

    My husband and I live in the mountains of Idaho 50 miles north of Boise on an old dirt logging road where it is not accessible by an 18-wheeler truck for delivery. Lety wrestled the delivery to the ground and made it happen for me. CJ on your staff in accounting was very helpful too with the application of the extra fee I paid to get the Diamond Lines panel van in Boise rolling up to me this morning.

    The driver from Diamond Lines waited while I inspected the table and made sure all of the parts were there. He knew our area as he and his wife camp near the thermal water plunge 22 miles up the road.

    Thank you so much for having competent folks on your staff. Worthington Direct has made my design studio a really enjoyable workplace for me in my retirement years.
    Vondi F. (November 2020)

  • Wow, you are awesome! We will use Worthington from now on!
    Sallie P. (October 2020)

  • I want to tell you about my amazing customer service experience with Ms. Jefferson. Ms. Jefferson has been so helpful going above and beyond to resolve an issue we were having with a missing item. She never doubted my word and this has only enhanced my belief that Worthington Direct is a very reputable company. In the future, we will have additional educational furniture needs for our tech labs and other rooms and you can be certain that Worthington Direct will be my vendor of choice. Thank you so much for the amazing customer experience.
    Joe O. (October 2020)

  • You have been so helpful and cooperative. Thank you so much for your extraordinary customer service.
    Andrea N. (October 2020)

  • Thanks so much for all your help and professionalism. You certainly made this easy.
    Laura S. (October 2020)

  • Thank you for the professional and thoughtful way that you handled the desk situation. Thank you also for your discount offer. All of your attempts to bring the matter to a mutually beneficial conclusion is appreciated.
    Roger P. (August 2020)

  • Thanks again for all of your help and saving me the most money possible. I appreciate your customer service.
    Lisa (August 2020)

  • I have recommended your company to other schools and told them about your exceptional customer service. Your help and patience is greatly appreciated!
    Kristine P. (August 2020)

  • Thank you so much for having such a easy website and checkout process! I’ve been trying for weeks to get desk for my kids as we are planning for distance learning. Your site made the order process very easy and I’m glad I found you on google! :)
    Stephanie L. (August 2020)

  • Thank you so much for your quick response. I'm very impressed with the level of customer service we have received.
    Krista M. (August 2020)

  • Your customer service has been excellent. I would definitely order from Worthington Direct in the future.
    Lisa W. (August 2020)

  • My order was shipped direct from the manufacturer and was short a couple pieces. I sent a message to and immediately received a reply from Lety in customer sales and support. Lety contacted the manufacturer and resolved the issue. Missing parts were received within a couple of days and I received feedback from Lety every step of the way to let me know what was happening. It is a pleasure to have this kind of customer support and communication in today's world. Thank you so much. I am very pleased with the product and especially the customer service I received.
    Tony S. (July 2020)

  • Jay’s customer service with me today was excellent. He was understanding, and quickly offered to send a replacement package. I wanted to send this email to thank your company for being so incredibly easy to work with.
    Kira A. (June 2020)

  • Lety handled all of my questions and requests and requirements in a very professional, courteous, and effective manner. Lety is a very effective customer support specialist, and you could not ask for a more excellent public-facing representative of your company.
    Brian N. (May 2020)

  • Great customer service :)
    Jessica B. (January 2020)

  • Wow! Thank you so much! I love your responsiveness!!!
    Heather C. (April 2020)

  • The risers arrived and they are amazing!!!! I am soooo excited for our choir teacher! She will be thrilled to see them!!! Thank you so very much for the outstanding customer service! You have definitely earned more business from us!!!
    Sue D. (September 2019)

  • Thank you for your quick response. We have enjoyed working with Worthington Direct, and anticipate ordering more classroom furniture in the months ahead. Thank you, again!
    Karen F. (September 2019)

  • Thank you Sharon so much for your help! We have received all of the furniture for the new classroom at Western Middle School. The teacher was thrilled since she has open house tomorrow night and wanted to have the classroom ready for parents and students to see their new room. Thanks again for being a positive part of a new school year!
    Susan S. (August 2019)

  • Our rooms are ready for our start date! The furniture is assembled and it looks beautiful. Thank you for your ability to see the urgency in our wanting to begin our school year with our furniture, for your pleasant attitude and thank you for your cooperation making it all possible.
    Diana J. (August 2019)

  • Thank you so much for resolving our issue and in a timely manner (right before school starts...perfect timing!)
    Tracie L. (July 2019)

  • I would like to commend Jackie for the excellent customer service she provided me recently with school furniture order. Yesterday morning I realized that we had mistakenly ordered 14 adjustable desks instead of 14 standing desks the week prior. I called your company in a panic! Jackie listened to my dilemma and reassured me that she would do everything she could to rectify the situation. Less than an hour later, she emailed me that the 14 adjustable desks had not shipped and she was able to cancel the order.

    This could have been a disaster for our school. As the steward of the flexible furniture project supported by funds raised by our community, we should have been more careful when we placed the order. Jackie was so understanding, patient, helpful and respectful. She was kind, considerate and efficient. Due to her excellent and responsive customer service, we rectified the problem and avoided an embarrassing and costly mistake.

    Our modernizing classroom furniture project is in year one of a 3 year project. We will definitely use your company in future years to supply our needs.
    Stacey D. (July 2019)

  • Thank you for all your help with this order. You went above and beyond the call of duty.
    Andrew L. (July 2019)

  • I am writing to express our sincere appreciation for the way you, Neely, and your company worked with us to resolve the color issue of our soft seating order. You really went above and beyond what we requested and we truly appreciate it. The new yellow color looks so much better and the end result so much closer to what we had envisioned. We have found a way to make the blaze color work in another area of the church. You stood behind your 100% satisfaction guarantee and we are very grateful. Thank you!
    Julie B. (March 2019)

  • Thank you so much for your outstanding customer service. After another site failed to fulfill my order, I reached out to Worthington Direct for help in purchasing the same product. Jordan at Worthington was amazing and helped save the day. I received the tricycle as ordered and appreciated Jordan’s excellent follow up! I highly recommend Worthington Direct.
    S.P. (January 2019)

  • I have been working with Jackie on an order that has not been easy! She has gone above and beyond to assist me, all the while with a smile in her voice and patience! I will work again with Worthington Direct but only if I may work with Jackie! She is the best and I hope you appreciate her sunny personality and work ethic! As an administrator, one of the toughest challenges I face is finding great people and retaining great people. Hang on to Jackie and treat her well -- she represents your company so well!
    Thank you! Steph Z. (August 2018)

  • We received the chairs yesterday and they look great. I want to thank you for all your help. It has been so nice to deal with someone that was really interested in helping to solve the problem. I have never dealt with a company that has been so good on honoring their warranty. You honored your warranty and did not give us the run around as most companies do. I thank you for all that you did. We looked at a lot of chairs when we first purchased them and decided that Worthington was where we wanted to order them from. Even though we have had some issues with the chairs, I feel that we made the right decision.
    Marvin S. (August 2018)

  • I just wanted to compliment your very efficient and conscientious employee, Jackie. I purchase many items for our library, but rarely is the purchasing experience so pleasant with everything handled so professionally in every way! Not everyone exhibits the attention to detail that she has and the follow-through.
    Jessica K. (March 2018)

  • Worthington was great to work with last year, and you have repeated that performance! I allowed teachers to order from a couple of other companies this summer when re-doing rooms, but I so wish I had restricted them to you guys. You are MUCH better to work with and your quality is superior to most.
    Amy D. (September 2017)

  • Thank you again for an amazing experience with Worthington Direct and your excellent customer service. This was my first experience with your company, and I will definitely use you more often for our school supplies and needs. You are the best!!
    Martha (August 2017)

  • I just wanted to say that Sharon Jefferson did an amazing job helping us find the right furniture for our church. I had a ton of questions for her, she answered them all, and she did it with a great attitude. There's a lot of places you can buy furniture, but great customer service skills made our decision very easy. So for that, we say thank you.
    Robert M. (February 2017)

  • As promised. . . I liked your facebook page. I was going to write a review about your great customer service, but didn’t see that I could. Please make sure your supervisor type person knows how amazing and professional I think you (and by extension your company) are. I’m still sad about the delay, everyone else in our office has had their furniture for a month now, but I know it’s not your fault and I appreciate you not forgetting to notify me.
    Catherine D. (October 2016)

  • I just wanted to pass along a note about your employee Jordan Baker. Jordan has been wonderful and should be considered a valuable employee, by going above and beyond to make sure that the customer, me, happy and willing to order from Worthington Direct again!
    Erika S. (August 2016)

  • The tables and chairs arrived the day before school started....perfect timing! We LOVE them. They look great and are exactly what we needed to successfully implement family style dining in our preschool/childcare center. Thank you for excellent customer service. I will recommend Worthington Direct to anyone in the preschool business.
    Jenny B. (August 2016)

  • It has been a wonderful experience working with Worthington Direct; best company I've worked with in the school furniture business.
    Karen F. (July 2016)

  • I am a person who controls a significant amount of funding and normally detests working with salespeople. Neely Rose has been a gem to work with as I try to wisely invest taxpayer money for our students. Not only did she provide a quote faster than any of your competitors but she has gone above and beyond to insure I will be happy with the purchase. More so than I can remember any salesperson doing in my 6 years of doing this job. I am definitely impressed and would be very happy to work with her again. In fact, I will probably search her out. That is NOT my normal response.
    Rick S. (June 2016)

  • Thank you so much for helping us with this! Excellent customer service and we will certainly remember this wonderful treatment in the future when we need to purchase other items for our school district!
    Melba C. (March 2016)

  • Sharon, you’re AWESOME. Thank you so much. Please let anyone you report to know that you have been EXTREMELY helpful to me and that I said they should let you take tomorrow off from work. ;)
    John J. (March 2016)

  • Wow what customer service.
    Midge Z. (February 2016)

  • Thank you for keeping your promise and for your time and effort. The information sent will greatly help me. I must not fail to commend your thoughtfulness sense of duty and professionalism. The world should be a better place with people like you.
    Thanks again and God bless you and yours!!!
    Cecilia N. (February 2016)

  • I am the purchaser for our school. I ordered science tables and a science cart from Worthington Direct. The ordering process was very easy and user friendly. The order shipped quickly and arrived on time. When we opened the boxes there was some slight damage to the tables. I emailed Worthington Direct and worked with Jordan Baker. Jordan was extremely helpful, and very kind. Jordan sent out the replacement for us. We then noticed that we had ordered the wrong leg size. Once again I called on Jordan's expertise and Awesome Customer Service skills to help me out again in getting the correct size we needed. Once again Jordan stepped up and delivered! Jordan was very upfront with costs. I was sent a quote before ordering. I will continue to do business with Worthington Direct and I would most definitely recommend them to others!
    Kelly B. (February 2016)

  • I wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate the work and helpfulness of Sharon. I appreciate her help and professionalism. She represented your company very well. When my school needs new furniture in the future, I will look to Worthington Direct first. Thank you.
    Laura H. (May 2015)

  • I want to thank you again for working with me on my order and getting me the tables I so desperately needed. They have been delivered and you worked a miracle, I really appreciate you taking care of me like you did.
    Steve M. (April 2015)

  • Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure dealing with your company... I will be back.
    Pat (April 2015)

  • I was just so thankful to find what we needed, affordably when your website came up. Sometimes in the past, finding new suitable items has been a nightmare. Thankful for internet shopping and user friendly sites like yours.

  • I just chatted with Thai, in customer service, and he was perfect. Quick, precise, knowledgeable and nice. What more can a customer ask for? I'm ordering 2 of your wonderful 3x6 bulletin boards w/headers and I'll be back for more supplies.....thanks to Thai. He's a keeper!
    Leslie W.

  • Sharon, you are one of the best customer service representatives I have ever had the privilege of meeting over the phone. I hope your company knows what a valuable asset you are to them.
    Brian H.

  • Thank you so very much! By the way, I have been really impressed with all of the great customer service that I have received. My favorite part is that a friendly person answers the phone and I don't have to listen to or deal with an automated system! Thank you.
    Courtni M.

  • Order arrived in good condition. Excellent packing job!
    Omer C.

  • Thank you for such a quick response concerning this matter. I feel like I was treated as a valued customer. As someone who worked in the Customer Service field for 12 years I have a great appreciation for how my issue was handled.
    I look forward to continued business with you.
    Petal H.

  • Thanks Neely. I have been so impressed about the customer service at Worthington Direct. First a gal named Gayle was so helpful, and now you. I will continue to tell my fellow teachers about your company.
    Jayron F.

  • I just wanted to thank you for your help in outfitting our new preschool rooms. I was so glad to be able to get everthing that I needed from one place and I really appreciate the extra discount- since we placed such a large order. Everything looks great! All of the toddlers are enjoying the new play furniture sets and the teachers have found great relief with all of the new storage cubbies. You will continue to earn our business in the future!
    Thank you again!
    Erin T.

  • I have been in charge of my school’s purchases for almost 20 years and must say that Worthington Direct has been one of the easiest companies to work with. You gave me a quote in minutes with a great price. You also suggested a smaller table than the one I was ordering as it would suit the room better. This is rare as most companies only try to up-sell you every time you call. I will do all of my school furniture shopping with Worthington Direct for the next 20 years!
    Thanks again!
    Cyinthia B.

  • Thanks for helping us so quickly and cheerfully! It has been a pleasure dealing with Worthington every step of the way!
    Debbie R.

  • You guys are amazing! I love how efficient your sales people are and how you keep record of quotes that you did months ago. This makes my job as a school procurement officer much, much easier! Along with being efficient, your sales people are also really connected when you are on the phone with them and I feel like I really matter as a customer. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
    -Angela P.

  • We received our second set of cubbies delivered today by Conway Freight. We are very satisfied. Thank you for your quick and friendly service.
    Grace Building Blocks School

  • Thank you for your assistance in the purchase of the rug for Camp New Hope. Without your help and support, the addition of the carpeting to the Respite center would not have been possible. You have helped us to increase the activities available for the campers. The carpet has been placed in our reading room, a comfy, quiet room. The campers have really enjoyed it this past weekend. We truly appreciate all of your help and hope to work with you again in the future.
    Jan S.

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