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  • Built-In Combination Master Lock For Use On Most Lockers
  • Recruiter 2 (Adder) Wood Sport 1-Wide Locker with Combination Lock (24" W x 84" H Assembled)
  • DigiTech Single-Tier 3-Wide Lockers w/ Electronic Lock
  • AquaMax Plastic Single-Tier 1-Wide (12'' W x 18'' D x 72'' H)
  • Maintenance-Free Quiet Triple-Tier 3-Wide Lockers
  • ReadyBuilt Double-Tier 3-Wide Lockers w/ Locks
  • DigiTech Safety-View Plus 16 Locker Unit
  • Premium Triple-Tier 1-Wide Lockers
  • Cylinder Padlock for Portable Gates
  • Safety View Single-Tier 1-Wide Lockers
  • Stainless Steel Single-Tier 3-Wide Lockers (72'' H Opening)
  • Cast Iron Pedestal Locker Benches
  • One-Wide Base for Wood Club Locker (12'' W x 18'' D)
  • Three-Wide Front Crown Molding for Wood Club Locker (45'' W)
  • Cell Phone & Tablet Lockers
  • EZ Steel Decking - 69''W x 30''D
  • Heavy-Duty Ventilated Six-Tier 1-Wide Lockers
  • 400 Series Combination Cabinets w/ Solid Door
  • Top Panel for Bulk Storage Locker (48'' W x 48'' D)
  • ReadyBuilt2 Single-Tier 1-Wide Lockers w/ Slope Top & Locks
  • Premium Five-Tier 3-Wide Lockers
  • Closed Side Base for Metal-Wood Hybrid Locker (18'' D x 6'' H)
  • Rust Resistant Galvanite Triple-Tier 3-Wide Lockers
  • Single-Tier Wood Club Lockers
  • Versamax Phenolic Double-Tier 1-Wide Lockers (36'' H Opening)
  • Premium 16 Person Box School Lockers
  • Built-In Grooved Key Master Lock For Use On Most Locker Doors
  • Recruiter 2 (Adder) Wood Sport 1-Wide Locker with Digitech Electronic Lock (24" W x 84" H Assembled)
  • DigiTech Six-Tier 3-Wide Lockers w/ Electronic Lock
  • AquaMax Plastic Triple-Tier 1-Wide (12'' W x 18'' D x 24'' H)
  • MedSafe Antimicrobial Single Tier Metal Lockers
  • ReadyBuilt Single-Tier 3-Wide Lockers w/ Locks
  • Open Front All-Welded Sports Lockers
  • Rust Resistant Galvanite Double-Tier 1-Wide Metal Lockers
  • Safety View Six-Tier 1-Wide Lockers
  • 400 Series Wardrobe Cabinet w/ Safety View Door (36'' W x 18'' D x 72'' H)
  • RivetWell Record Storage Frames
  • Laptop & Backpack 3-Tier Lockers
  • One-Wide Base for Wood Club Locker (15'' W x 18'' D)
  • DigiTech Safety-View Plus Six-Tier 3-Wide Lockers
  • Maintenance-Free Quiet Double-Tier 1-Wide Lockers
  • Dura Tech 5-Shelf Steel Shelving
  • Shelf for Security Max Locker (24'' W)
  • ReadyBuilt2 Six-Tier 1-Wide Lockers w/ Slope Top & Locks

Hallowell is a leading manufacturer of quality steel lockers, steel shelving and metal Hallowell school lockers and accessories. Whether you need a single locker unit for your office, a small locker section for your gym's changing room, or need to outfit your entire school with hallway lockers, Hallowell has the storage solution for you.

Look for Hallowell lockers with standard metal doors, lockers with ventilated doors for athletic departments, or clearview acrylic door lockers for visibility. Finish out your gym locker room with a Hallowell Locker Room Bench. For environments where health safety is important, consider anti-microbial lockers to help prevent the spread of bacterial illnesses. For wet areas such as pools, consider Hallowell plastic lockers that won't rust in high humidity or aquatic locations. 

Besides lockers, Hallowell makes durable steel shelving racks that are available in a number of weight capacities to best suit your office or warehouse needs. Cage storage lockers are also popular for basement storage in offices, multi-residence buildings or school storage areas. All purpose storage cabinets are also available from Hallowell. Locking storage cabinets come in a range of configurations from standard office supply cabinet, to wardrobe storage cabinets. Mobile cabinets and wall-mount cabinets are also available making Hallowell a premier supplier for all of your institutional storage solutions.

Hallowell is committed to minimizing the environmental impact of their products and protecting indoor air quality by ensuring that their products are Greenguard certified. Worthington Direct is an authorized dealer for all Hallowell lockers, benches and storage furniture. Contact us for volume quotes or with questions on any Hallowell product.

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