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  • Ruckus Stack Chair (18'' H - 5th-Adult) Upholstered Seat
  • Intellect Wave Music Chair - 16.5" H
  • Intellect Wave Cantilever School Chair
  • Uniframe Cafeteria Bench Tables
  • Ruckus Four-leg Chair With Casters (15'' H - 2nd-4th)
  • Ruckus Chair w/ Casters & Bookrack (15'' H - 2nd-4th)
  • Sway Lounge Chair with Orbital Motion
  • Ruckus Desk 29'' H
  • Pillar Rectangle Table 42'' High 24'' x 60''
  • Learn2 Intellect Wave Seating
  • Intellect Wave 4 Leg Stack Chair (15'' H - 2nd-4th)
  • 600 Series Colorful Padded Seat Stools
  • Ruckus Stack Chair w/ Glides (18'' H - 5th-Adult)
  • Imaginasium Blocks Bundle
  • Intellect Wave Mobile Task Chair
  • Learn2 Intellect Wave Seating
  • Pirouette Series Tables
  • Uniframe Cafeteria Split Bench Table- 12' Long
  • Ruckus Four-leg Chair With Casters (15'' H - 2nd-4th) Upholstered Seat
  • Ruckus Chair w/ Casters & Bookrack (15'' H - 2nd-4th) Upholstered Seat
  • Sway Ottoman
  • PowerUp Module w/ 3 Prong Plug
  • LimeLite Task Stool
  • Pillar Rectangle Table 42'' High 24'' x 72''
  • Uniframe Wheelchair Accessible Cafeteria Tables w/ Stools
  • Intellect Wave Cantilever Stack Chair (13'' H - Pre-K)
  • Intellect Wave Cantilever School Desks
  • Pillar Rectangle Table Ganger (Set of 2)
  • Ruckus Stack Chair w/ Glides (18'' H - 5th-Adult) Upholstered Seat
  • Intellect Wave 4 Leg School Chairs
  • ABS Plastic Duralite Folding Tables
  • Learn2 Intellect Wave Seating W/ Accessory Rack & Cupholders
  • Ruckus Stools with Glides and Bookracks
  • Ruckus Stack Chair (15'' H - 2nd-4th)
  • Pillar Rectangle Table 42'' High 30'' x 42''
  • Intellect Wave Cantilever Stack Chair (18'' H - 5th-Adult)
  • Ruckus Desk with Rolling Base
  • Ruckus 4- Leg Chair (18'' H - 5th-Adult)
  • Ruckus Stack Chair w/ Casters (18'' H - 5th-Adult)
  • Ruckus Upholstered Task Chair
  • Maestro Stack Chair
  • Pillar Rectangle Table 42'' High 24'' x 42''
  • Ruckus Chairs With Casters
  • Portico Square Pedestal Tables
  • Learn2 Strive Seating W/ Accessory Rack

KI Furniture: Trusted Quality for Over 70 Years

KI brand furniture has been a staple in public schools, offices, college classrooms, and government buildings for upwards of 70 years. Highly stylized, KI furniture is even more highly functional with unique finishes and upholstery options that read like they were from a high-end magazine. Classroom furniture such as their Intellect Wave Series is built to withstand rigorous daily use and stack away neatly to allow nightly cleaning crews to work around them without additional work.

The KI Intellect Wave Series features durable polypropylene seating available in interesting colors and feature optional flame-retardant materials to meet California TB133. The latest in classroom innovations by KI is their Learn2 mobile chairs with repositionable work surface for collaborative learning and continued education for adults. KI Ruckus chairs have won multiple design awards and leaped ahead becoming a great flexible seating option for high schools as well as colleges and universities.

Find durable furniture solutions for all other essential needs such as lab stools, especially KI Ivy League Stools, folding tables, and metal folding chairs. Horizontal understage folding chair storage caddies are also available to store and transport KI chairs around your campus. Beyond the classroom, KI Uniframe cafeteria tables fill lunch rooms with durable dining solutions from young students to working adults. KI lunch room tables are available in bench, stool, convertible, and wheelchair accessible models to serve all of your cafeteria needs. Provide post-meal areas to relax, socialize, and even work with the KI Sway Chairs that will really move you!

Perfect for training and seminar rooms are the Synthesis tables and any one of KI's high-density seating options, such as the Strive or Maestro chairs. KI products are made in the US and do have slightly longer lead times due to their craftsmanship. However, you will be happy with any KI product for years to come and trust that you've made a good investment for your school, library, or corporate facility. Worthington Direct is an authorized dealer for all KI furniture products. Contact us for volume quotes and with questions about any of these KI furniture pieces.

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