Mooreco Soft Seating

Mooreco Soft Seating

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  • High Back Sofas
    As low as $1,531.95
  • Lounge Chairs with Front Casters
    As low as $669.95
  • Privacy Pods
    As low as $3,013.95
  • Elevate Steps Soft Seating Package - 7-Piece Set
  • Creator Soft Seating
    As low as $946.95
  • Lentil Round Lounger
    As low as $245.95
  • Pinto Indoor Pillow
  • Love Seats
    As low as $1,110.95
  • Fava Outdoor Lounge Chair
  • Elevate Wind Soft Seating
    As low as $190.95
  • Orbit Mediaspace Soft Seating with Shelf
    As low as $2,269.95
  • 3-Seat Sofa
    As low as $2,146.95
  • AKT 7-Piece Lounge Soft Seating Package
  • Kids' Single Chair
    As low as $634.95
  • Blossom Soft Seating Modular Sets
    As low as $3,684.95
  • Lounge A Modular Soft Seating Package
  • Dot Rocking Stools
    As low as $226.95
  • Modular Soft Seating Stools
    As low as $562.95
  • Lounge Chairs
    As low as $924.95
  • DOT Soft Seating Floor Wobble Stool and Cart Package
    As low as $652.95
  • Lounge C Modular Soft Seating Package
  • Configurable Soft Seating
    As low as $496.95
  • Soft Sway Rocking Chair
    As low as $663.95
  • Ottoman Seating
    As low as $550.95
  • Lounge Chairs with Tablet Arm
    As low as $1,355.95
  • Elevate Wind Soft Seating Package - 12-Piece Set
  • Curved Seating
    As low as $611.95
  • Lima Lounger
    As low as $245.95
  • Lounge M Modular Soft Seating Package
  • Corner Reception Table with Laminate Top
    As low as $723.95
  • Elle Lounge Modular Soft Seating Package
  • Outdoor Bean Bag Ottomans
    As low as $130.95
  • Tablet Arm Lounge Chair w/ Front Casters
  • Soft Seating Seat Pads
    As low as $152.95
  • Kids' Shapes Upholstered Stool
    As low as $366.95
  • Soft Seating Power Accessories
    As low as $349.95
  • Lounge B Squiggle Modular Soft Seating Package
  • Upholstered Benches
    As low as $521.95
  • Stools with Legs
    As low as $412.95

Mooreco Soft Seating

Mooreco Soft Seating and reception lounge furniture is an excellent choice for any corporate, academic, non-profit, and commercial facility where you want to create a professional and welcoming atmosphere. The configurable Economy Shapes Modular Upholstered Stools soft seating makes a bold statement in any environment while its compact form factor saves floor space, making it perfect for countless classroom configurations. The innovative design allows users to quickly reconfigure their space to create endless arrangements and pod sizes. Mooreco Shapes seating is suitable for both children and adults.

Choose from individual soft seating pieces or select from several packaged sets that we have created with our partners at Mooreco. Quality, durability, and stylish upholstery are all reasons to consider Mooreco soft seating for your reception, lounge, and commons areas.

Whether you're looking to furnish a classroom, library, or office space, Mooreco's soft seating options provide the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. Explore the versatile configurations and find the ideal solution for your space.

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