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Portable Stage Risers and Portable Risers

Outdoor Bleachers

While you spend most Sundays inside your church, sometimes, you like to worship or connect with parishioners outside. With our outdoor bleachers, you’ll have ample seating for church services and recreational and community events. These bleachers are easy to set up, so you can decide to hold service or invite parishioners to an event at the last minute without any fear. Learn more about our outdoor church furniture options so you can find the ideal solution.

Portable Bleachers for Churches

We carry portable bleachers from National Recreation Systems, a leader in the industry. Tip n’ Roll bleachers are a fantastic choice if you want a no-fuss solution. As the name suggests, you can tip and roll them to the desired location. They’re surprisingly lightweight due to the aluminum understructure frame and are available with up to four rows of seating.

If you need more space, consider something from the Transportable Bleachers series. With five rows and up to 80 seats, you can provide space for a large crowd with this option. While not as lightweight as Tip n’ Roll bleachers, you can move them with a transport kit.

You can also choose from low-rise outdoor metal bleachers and other options. This includes outdoor bleachers with and without guardrails.

Increase Comfort With Outdoor Bleachers

If you want to ensure that your parishioners have ample space and comfort, you can get one of our portable bleachers with double-foot planks. These transportable bleachers are available with and without guardrails. The extra space provides additional legroom, making this ideal for longer events and services.

You don’t have to get permanent bleachers to enjoy the great outdoors. Instead, look through our portable bleachers and select the right setup for your church. You can set the bleachers up and enjoy the fresh air while connecting with your congregants. Then you won’t have to hesitate the next time you want to spend time outside.
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