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Cluster Computer Workstations and Cluster Computer Tables

Cluster Computer Workstations and Cluster Computer Tables

There are plenty of computer workstations available, but some of the best options feature group seating. This makes them particularly helpful for any situation where collaboration is involved, to any degree. Clusters of computer desks let you easily interact with others while using your devices, getting advice, or collaborating.

Numerous Uses

The uses for this type of group seating that accommodates computers are endless. Schools can use them as alternatives to single student computer desks in certain places. Most will want to offer a combination of these collaborative spaces and desks with a higher level of privacy.

Anyone in tech can also put these to good use. In fact, any company that has people on the computer on a regular basis and occasionally needs collaboration may want a few group computer workstations in their office. They simply make it much easier to collaborate on major projects, especially in the tech space.

Even those in esports will appreciate this style of computer desks. After all, esports frequently prioritize teamwork, and it is much easier to work with a team if you are within speaking distance of each other.

Choose Your Configuration

Just like any other type of student computer desk, these cluster workstations are available in numerous styles. You can get traditional computer carrels like those found in libraries. These options from Smith Carrel are especially versatile, as you can place several by each other and position them for collaboration or privacy. Or you can get a full trapezoid (hexagon-shaped) desk from Correll with spots for computers and workers on every side of the table. If you don’t need a full hexagon or have more limited space, there are also trapezoids that are similar to half of a flattened hexagon. These are great, as you can place two back-to-back or place them against the wall. "
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