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Library Furniture, Library Equipment and Library Supplies

Whether furnishing a school library, a public library, or another similar space, you will need plenty of furniture, equipment, and supplies. From storage for books to furniture library patrons can sit on, there are many items to include in your list.

Find a Variety of Bookcases

The first place to begin shopping for library furniture is with the humble bookcase. There are plenty of book shelf choices from Worthington Direct. Choose from large units that can connect to easily take up an entire wall to smaller bookcases you can place throughout the space or even put in classrooms. For books you want to highlight, consider book displays.

We also have some unique options from Whitney Brothers, perfect for giving students a quiet, private spot to read. Of course, you will also need library book carts and trucks to move books around with ease. Don’t forget about magazine racks as well.                                                                                               

Find Everything Librarians Need

The book carts aren’t the only school library furniture that the librarians need. Display library special events and announcements on enclosed bulletin boards. Greet library guests with spacious circulation desk with plenty of storage from Paragon. Don't forget comfortable chairs and stools for librarians to use when they need to have a seat. 

Find Places for Patrons to Sit

Of course, no school library is complete without seating for your patrons. Choose from a wide variety of tables and chairs, to accommodate all library activities. There are chairs designed for adults and children. Tables with dry erase markerboard tops are perfect for collaborations and group projects.

For older students or public libraries, don’t forget about study carrels for independent studying spaces without distractions. Every library should also have flexible soft seating, such as beanbag chairs or lounge seating. 

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