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Cluster Computer Workstations and Cluster Computer Tables

Cluster Computer Workstations and Cluster Computer Tables

Makerspaces are all about collaboration, so you need furniture that makes it easy for people using the space to do just that. The best way to do that is with group seating, such as that offered by these workstations.

Every Workstation Is Versatile

The computer workstations are incredibly versatile, which is exactly what you need for a makerspace. After all, you may decide to place computers on some of the tables or desks, or you may choose to put other technology or tools on them. The shapes of our computer desks mean that they are perfect for sitting at a computer, but they also work well for any other task.

You also get added versatility from the ability to arrange various student computer desks however you want. This is especially true with the library computer carrels, which can stand alone or be grouped together for collaboration.

Even cluster computer workstations in hexagonal or trapezoidal shapes give you extra versatility. You can place them by themselves, flat against walls, or even put several of them next to each other to make an even larger table for big collaborations or larger tools.

Great for Any Type of Makerspace

The versatility of these group seating options means that they work well for any makerspace. That includes spaces for students of all ages, as well as those for entrepreneurs, adults, or the general public. No matter your facility, if you offer tools and a collaborative environment, you can adapt these computer desks to fit your needs.

Reliable Construction

All of the student computer desks come from top brands, such as Smith System, Smith Carrel, and Correll. This gives you confidence in the durability and construction of the tables. After all, you don’t want to worry about a desk collapsing while it is loaded with heavy tech; that is never a concern with these workstations. "

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