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Credenzas and Office Credenzas

Credenzas and Office Credenzas

In many cases, office furniture aims to take advantage of as much available space as possible. In busy office areas crowded with desks, this is essential. Even in more spacious private offices, having a lot of storage by the desk can make the rest of the space feel more open.

Credenzas are an excellent way to add this storage without taking up any extra floor space as they fit right on top of the desk. You can even get creative and add an office hutch on top of a shelf to add an extra shelf.

Useful Throughout the Office

The most obvious places to place hutches are on people’s desks, whether in cubicles or private offices. As mentioned, this gives you a convenient way to add storage. But this is far from the only spot in an office where this type of furniture is useful.

Add an office credenza on top of the side table or other furniture in a conference room to increase storage there. Put one in the reception area or waiting area for some extra storage on top of a table you have handy.

Some Options Sit on the Floor

Besides the traditional credenzas that sit on top of a desk, we have versions that sit on the floor. For example, maybe you want a peninsula desk with built-in storage or an office suite that features a desk and a bookshelf. There are also wooden cabinets for files, complete with hutches.

Consider Shelves or Cabinets

Our office credenzas from Safco Products, Hon, Regency, NDI Office Furniture, and other brands come with either shelves or cabinets. This lets you decide whether you prefer to keep items in the open or want them hidden from prying eyes. Think about what you or your employees will store on the office hutch to decide which is suitable.
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