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Tall Wood Cabinets and Tall Metal Cabinets

Tall Wood Cabinets and Tall Metal Cabinets

In addition to the other office furniture, don’t forget to think about storage. Both metal and wood storage cabinets can be excellent additions to your office space.

Limitless Uses

Tall storage cabinets are versatile enough that you can easily store anything in them. Within individual offices, employees can use them as bookshelves or put t items inside during the workday. Or, if you choose tall metal cabinets with glass doors, they can even put decorative items or photos inside to personalize their office.

Other areas of your office can use metal storage cabinets to hold files, important books, or any other supplies. Place extra stacks of paper for the printer inside or piles of pre-printed forms. Place one in the conference room and use it to store disposable plates and cups to use during meetings.

Styles for Every Space

Part of the versatility of the wood storage cabinets is because there are so many styles to choose from. Most have shelves once you open the doors, but many also feature drawers. Some have hooks or racks that allow employees to hang coats on. Many of our tall metal cabinets also come on wheels.

You will also find metal storage cabinets designed for specific uses, such as the Safco one for audio and video microforms. Some also have extra practicality built into them, including the one from Smith System with a whiteboard on each side.

While tall storage cabinets are popular because they make the most of a small amount of floor space, they are far from the only options. We also have counter-height cabinets from brands like Steel Cabinets USA. These can double as work surfaces or tables. Moreover, you can stack the cabinets on top of each other to create a single taller unit.
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