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Portable Stages and Fixed Height Portable Stages

Stage Sets and Portable Stage Sets

When it comes to stage sets, there are numerous important decisions to make. Do you want a single-level stage or risers with different heights? Do you want a complete executive portable stage kit or buy the various components separately? No matter your answer to either of these questions, we have options for you from top brands like Amtab and NPS.

Take Advantage of Portability

The great thing about the collapsible stage design of these parts is that it makes them highly portable. By choosing portable stage pieces, you can easily store them out of the way in a closet or other space when they aren’t needed. This frees up plenty of space so that you can use the same room or outdoor area for other events and functions. On top of that, you will likely only need one or two people to move the pieces, as they are portable.

Great for All Uses

Our selection of portable stage pieces includes options for all uses. Are you hosting a choir performance? A traditional set of risers is a great option to make sure everyone is visible and can see the conductor. Or maybe you have an orchestra or band that needs to perform. In that case, consider stage sets with wider platforms that can accommodate chairs and instruments instead of just someone standing.

Additionally, the collapsible stage designs are available as complete sets that can form a semi-circle or individual sets of risers. Thus, you can buy only as many as you need.

Or maybe you need a single-level stage for a smaller performance or a special speaker. An executive portable stage kit complete with guard rails and skirting is undoubtedly perfect for these situations. Those are versatile enough to elevate a speaker at a community event, a band at a wedding, or even everyone and everything needed to put on a small play.
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