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Stage and Riser Accessories

Stage and Riser Accessories

Once you get a stage or riser, you will likely want to get some other items to go with them as well. Whether your stage is for a school, church, concert, public event, private event, or anything else, you always want it to look its best and be safe. You also want to ensure that the performers are visible, and in the case of a choir, can see the conductor.

Start with a Set of Risers

Before you can even look at stage and riser accessories, you need to consider whether you need risers. A portable stage riser will work with nearly any stage and improve its versatility. As mentioned, risers are especially important for choirs. They let the audience see everyone, and they let everyone see the conductor. They are also good for school-wide performances with large groups, group photos, and any other time that you need a clear line of sight to and for everyone.

Get Guard Rails

Whether or not you have a portable stage riser, make sure to get guard rails. Of course, these become more important the taller your stage or riser is, but they are always smart to include. Perhaps the only time you would want to skip guard rails is when you choose an option from the portable stage manufacturers that is just a foot off the ground.

Dress up the Stage

As you consider stage accessories, don’t forget skirting or pleating to wrap around portable stages. These are usually universal, working with portable stage manufacturers, from Portable Stages to NPS Stages to Midwest. They give the advantage of hiding the underside of the stage and making it look much more professional.

Don’t Forget Caddies

Don’t forget to get stage and riser accessories to help you move these portable items. Our caddies are incredibly versatile and make moving the various parts much easier.
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