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Winged Dividers and Tri-Fold Dividers

Winged Dividers and Tri-Fold Dividers

Keeping people safe and healthy is a priority in public spaces, including schools, churches, and offices. Because people can spread illnesses before showing symptoms, you can set up tri-fold and winged dividers for protection. You can use these dividers to create private spaces and limit the spread of germs.

Additionally, the dividers can serve as information centers to limit face-to-face interactions. Learn more about your options, and then pick up some sanitation and safety products for your space.

Keep Germs at Bay with a Floor Partition System

A floor partition system from Ghent can help you promote health and safety. Available with clear acrylic, tackable vinyl, and magnetic porcelain whiteboard panels, these systems are flexible and configurable. You can go with a single unit or add units together for more coverage. Whether you use this as a school divider or need it for your office or library, it will help you create a distraction-free environment while also reducing the spread of germs.

Winged and Tri-Fold Dividers for Displays

You can also get a winged or tri-fold divider from brands like Screenflex. These dividers are excellent choices if you need to set up an art display or provide easy access to company or church information. While not commonly thought of as a sanitation and safety product, a tri-fold or winged divider can actually reduce the spread of germs by providing important information without the need for in-person interactions. Our display dividers are available in various styles and colors, and you can also choose from an assortment of features. Also, they’re mobile, so you can move them to a different location or place them in storage when not in use. Without sanitation and safety products in place, germs can spread quickly, and you can end up with an outbreak in no time. Thus, shop our inventory of winged and tri-fold dividers to protect staff, students, patrons, customers, and others.
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