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Student Desks and School Classroom Desks

No matter the style of desks you need for your classrooms, Worthington Direct has them. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of student desks and school classroom desks, including choices from your favorite brands. You’ll find options from Virco, Smith System, Mooreco, and more.

For Individual or Group Work

One of the first things you’ll have to decide as you browse our inventory of classroom desks is whether you need ones that let students work independently or prefer more of a collaborative desk setup. If the latter is the case, consider activity tables or browse our large selection of collaborative shaped desks that allow for creative configurations.

Want a happy medium? Consider desks with casters (wheels) that allow your learning space to be fluid. Keep student desks separated during testing, but easily transition to work pods during group work. 

Get the Chairs Separately or With the Desks

As you browse our choices of school desks for kids, you will notice that some come packaged with chairs. These classroom desk and chair sets are a great way to save time and money. You have the freedom to choose the style of chairs that works best for your students and budget. You may certainly mix and match most student desks and classroom chairs, but we suggest ordering both from the same brand. This combines your shipping cost and ensures that colors coordinate.

You can also skip the chairs entirely and get stand-up desks to encourage students to stay active. Consider combining those with stools to avoid fatigue.

Consider Desks With Storage

Do you want the classroom desks to have some storage space to keep students’ supplies out of the way? Junior executive desks, open front desks, or lift lid school desks all keep student supplies handy.

If your students rove between classrooms and don’t have to leave anything, consider school desks for kids without storage. 

Don't Forget Teachers and Adminstration Office Desks

Support your school staff with dedicated teacher desks in a range of styles. From single pedestal teacher desks to larger L- and U-shaped desks, the proper work desk can make their jobs easier. Outfit your front office and administrators with complete office suites or executive desks. If your school is dedicated to teaching students to become professionals, make sure your school office sets the tone.