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Reception Desks and Reception Stations

Receptionist Desks and Receptions Stations - to add that more welcoming quality to your office

Make a good first impression with your visitors and customers by adding a quality reception desk to your office. The reception counter will serve as a check-in point for your staff and customers. We offer a variety of reception desks from several manufacturers all built to last. Find a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs, including curved, L-Shaped, and even U-Shaped receptionist desk options.

The feature that makes these desks a reception desk, is the tall counter element that your guests can approach, without intruding into the receptionist's personal space. The standing height reception desk counter is available in several configurations to suit your workspace. Guest counters can surround the entire desk, or simple perch on one side of the reception desk. Some reception desk standing counters are made of matching laminate, or some feature sleek glass or acrylic materials. 

Reception desks are frequently positioned in the front of offices and serve as the public's first impression of a company. Most feature a standing height counter and a tall facade helping aid in interaction with clients, while allowing privacy to employees and their workspace. A reception desk is also an optimum location to display important literature, special forms and sign-in sheets. They can be used as a concierge desk and serve as an information kiosk, security stations for checking in and documenting visits, and as intended, a way to greet the public and review appointments in any lobby or corporate foyer.

Learn more about selecting the right reception desk for the front of your office or school in our Buyer's Guide: Office Desks.

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