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School Classroom Activity Tables

School Classroom Activity Tables

There are dozens of types of tables, including those designed for a specific purpose and those that are versatile enough to be used in multiple ways. We have classroom tables that fit in each category, including options for all ages.

Choose Your Shape

Our activity tables come in your choice of shape. Stick to the traditional rectangular table or consider one shaped like a circle, half-circle, bean, or even star. The range of shapes means that you can make the kids’ tables as fun as you want and easily find options that work in your space. You will even be able to choose from your favorite brands like Scholar Craft, Allied Plastics, Paragon, MooreCo, and Caprock Furniture.

Some Have Dry Erase Tops

We have several activity tables that feature dry erase tops. These are great for adults who need to brainstorm or kids who want to show their creativity. They are also excellent for teaching.

Consider a Multi-purpose Option

Consider choosing an all-purpose classroom table instead of one that is just ideal for classroom use. These are undoubtedly versatile enough for eating, conferences, presentations, displaying items, and nearly anything else.

Some Are Height-adjustable

To make them more versatile, several of our classroom tables are height-adjustable. This makes them easy to use for various ages and activities, whether people will be sitting or standing.

Some Are on Wheels

If you choose a multi-purpose table, don’t forget to think about whether you want it to sit on wheels. This makes the table more portable for those times you want to rearrange the space or need to move it to another room.

Consider a Set With Chairs

Save yourself some time and consider classroom tables that come with chairs. This prevents the need to browse our extensive selection of chairs to find ones that work with your table and your students’ size and age.