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Classroom Activity Tables

No matter the age group, every classroom needs tables for activities. Maybe you need to have tables on hand for arts and crafts or collaborative projects. For older students, you can get creative with classroom activity tables and use them for displays or larger projects that don’t fit at a single desk.

Full Selection of Classroom Activity Tables for Sale

As you browse our selection at Worthington Direct, you will notice a wide variety of table-setting classroom activity options. From size and shape to colors and materials, you can easily choose student tables that work for your needs.

Select the Shape

If you aren’t sure what shape works best for your classroom, consider classroom activity tables in a traditional rectangular shape. This is by far the most popular option, but there are endless other table shapes to choose from. Students can work on stars, circles, wavy rectangles, ovals, semi-circles, and other creative shapes. Just think about how you plan to use the table and the space you need to put it in. 

Choose the Size

As you think about the table-setting classroom activities you plan, we also encourage you to think about how many students need to fit at the table at once. Or consider what supplies or activities need to fit. From small tables with just room for one or two students to larger options with enough space for ten or more, we have a variety of tables to fit your needs.

Most basic activity tables are height adjustable in various leg ranges. Check each table's leg height range to ensure a proper fit for your students and the classroom chairs that will be used. As a baseline measurement, most adults use a table set at around 30"H.

Dry-Erase Classroom Activity Tables

Most of our tables have traditional sturdy tops made of MDF with high pressure laminate surface to withstand daily use. But some take that sturdy top to the next level with a dry erase table top. These are particularly helpful if you want to give your students a convenient writing surface to work out problems, draw, or get creative in other ways.

And by choosing classroom activity tables with a whiteboard top, you prevent the need to get separate dry erase boards for students. This can let you make the most of your budget.

Find High-Quality Classroom Activity Tables

No matter which of our classroom activity tables for sale you choose, you can count on the quality of the table and its ability to withstand tough use. We understand that anything in a classroom, school, or similar setting needs to be durable, as it will be used for eight or so hours five days a week. That’s why we only sell table-setting classroom activity tables from top brands like Mooreco, Virco, and Smith System. You can count on the quality and durability of every table we offer.

Reach out to our team to learn more about any of our classroom tables or order with ease online now!

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