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Classroom Art Tables

Worthington Direct carries a variety of classroom art tables and craft tables for daycares, schools, makerspaces, and art studios. We know that art classes are a great way for students to demonstrate their creativity, that’s why it’s important to find the right art room furniture where budding artists can create their masterpieces. Our selection of classroom tables provide generous workspace for planning art all the way through executing the art work. 

As a trusted expert in school furniture, the Worthington Direct team knows one size and style of art table does not fit all, so we offer a wide selection to accommodate a variety of interior spaces. From a small craft table that fits easily into the corner of a Pre-K classroom to larger drafting tables and makerspace workbenches to fill an entire dedicated art space, you’ll find one in the size and with the storage capabilities you need. 

Arts and Craft Tables

While most of our art tables are square or rectangular, they come in a wide variety of sizes and heights. Flexible options like these give you the ability to choose the table size and height that best fits your creative space. Should each student have their own art table so they can concentrate and focus? Or do you need tables that accommodate two or more students for group collaboration? Maybe you need a mixture of both to give students the freedom to choose. Either way, Worthington Direct has the table size you need. 

The height of your art tables is also an important factor that adds to a classroom’s versatility. Some artists create better standing up at a fixed-height art planning table while others do their best work sitting. Height-adjustable art tables are ideal for working in art mediums that require different work heights throughout a project's progress. Worthington Direct carries all of the above, and we can help you make the best choice for your space!

Storage Considerations

Artists who work in makerspaces and craft rooms require plenty of space for projects and supplies, so sourcing a table with storage capabilities is best suited for this purpose. Worthington Direct offers art tables with various shelf, drawer, and door configurations, perfect for storing and organizing art supplies and tools. 

With a wide variety of school tables from trusted vendors such as Diversified Spaces, Allied Plastics, Tennsco, as well as other top brands, you’ll find an art or drafting table that meets your storage needs. 

Mobile Options

Need the option to transform your art space from a creative learning space by day to an art gallery by night? Worthington Direct offers a variety of mobile art tables too! These tables are designed with durable industrial casters which allow you the option to reconfigure your classroom when needed. Plus, they make it easy to move a work in progress to various art stations throughout an art department. Once you’ve moved the table into place, locking casters immobilize it to keep it secure and stable. This option is also helpful if you share a teaching space or need the ability to move tables between rooms regularly. 

What is the best surface for a classroom art table?

In addition to table size, height, and storage abilities, it’s also important to consider the best type of work surface for your school art tables. Many can be customized with the right top depending on the art curriculum and daily creative activities. 

  • Laminate Surface: Offering a smooth surface, laminate tops are perfect for artists who specialize in 2D art (two-dimensional art). Featuring an overall flat surface, laminate will not distort your drawings, sketches, or paintings. Plus, they come in a variety of colors to complement existing interiors and are easy to wipe clean with a mild soap and water solution.
  • Butcher Block Surface: If you are looking for an industrial style art table, consider one with a butcher block top for your makerspace studio. Offering a timeless aesthetic, block tops offer a sturdy and durable work surface that can handle most arts and crafts activities. Look for ones that are sealed for easy clean-up and to prevent stains.
  • Galvanized Steel Surface: These tops are a great option if you need a dedicated work table specifically designed for gluing and staining – think art classes that deal with woodworking or similar crafts. Incredibly durable, they stand up to frequent use, resist staining, and are easy to clean.
  • Epoxy Resin Surface: Excellent at providing protection from heat, liquid, stains, and spills, tables with epoxy resin tops work just as well in an art class as they do in the science lab. Artists who work with a variety of mediums to create 3D art (three-dimensional art) like sculpture, pottery, and ceramics will love its durability and the hassle-free maintenance that this surface provides.

Visual art classes are an important part of a well-rounded education. Ensure your school’s art classroom reflects a space that inspires innovation by equipping it with furniture that keeps the creative juices flowing. Explore Worthington Direct and let us help you create an environment that is conducive to a successful art education. 

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