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Classroom Art Furniture and Classroom Workbenches

Art classes are a great way for students to show their creativity, but you need the right furniture for students to create their art. We have a variety of arts and crafts tables, from those that can easily fit into the art corner of a classroom to those that fit well in dedicated art classrooms. Choose from art tables with storage and those without storage, depending on your needs.

Select the Height and Size

Most of our art tables are rectangular, but they come in a wide variety of sizes and heights. This lets you choose the table size that best fits your space and purpose. Do you want two students to sit at each table? Or should each student have their own table? Or do you want more than two students per table?

The ability to choose the height of your art desks with storage adds more versatility. After all, some artists work best while standing while others do best while sitting. If you opt for students to sit, do you want stools or chairs? We have tables at the proper height for either option.

Storage Considerations

While many classrooms need regular tables, others need art desks with storage. We have plenty of choices for both. Our art tables with storage have numerous drawers or shelves, perfect for storing the supplies your students may need. Between choices from Diversified Woodcrafts, Allied, Tennsco, and other top brands, you can get as much or as little storage as you need.

Portable Options

While you can move any of our art tables, some are more portable than others. These options come with wheels and are ideal if you need your arts and crafts tables to be versatile enough to work in various configurations. It is also helpful if you have to move them between rooms regularly.

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