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Commercial Park Picnic Tables

Outdoor Picnic Tables, Outdoor Tables, and Umbrellas

Having outdoor seating is essential if you regularly have backyard parties and barbecues. Because of their durability, picnic tables and park tables are perfect for families who spend a lot of time outdoors.

Before you start shopping for picnic tables, there are some things you need to consider. How often will you be using the picnic table? Do you want a table that you can store during winter? Your answers to these questions will guide you in the selection process.


If you’re only going to use the picnic table occasionally, it’s better to get a folding picnic table like the one from Southern Aluminum. You can store folding picnic tables inside the house or garage during winter. You can also get several folding picnic tables, so you can have the flexibility of hosting events of different sizes.

Durable Material

Picnic tables or playground tables are made of different kinds of materials. Your choice should depend on your needs and style preference. If you’re looking for a picnic table that requires little maintenance, choosing a steel or metal table is a good idea.

The most durable school picnic tables are made of steel. UltraPlay has several well-designed steel picnic tables. These tables can withstand intense sunlight and extreme temperatures.

Wood is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a classic option. There are several options for wood tables. You can choose pine, cedar, or reclaimed wood.

Consider the Size

Picnic tables can take up a lot of space. You need to ensure that the table you’ll get will fit in your area, with enough room to walk around. Measure your area first before you go shopping for a picnic table. It’s also best to take note of the measurements of the picnic table you’re planning to get before you buy it.
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