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Computer Furniture and Tech Furniture

Computer Furniture Accessories and Tech Furniture Accessories

Just getting a set of workstations for your tech space, personal computer, or esports team is not enough. You also need accessories that let you make the most of that furniture. From charging towers to cup holders, there are plenty of office furniture accessories you may want to consider.

Accessories to Make Charging Easier

One of the most important considerations among computer table accessories is how you will keep the devices on the table charged. After all, there is likely just a single outlet in the wall nearby, if that.

We have plenty of computer furniture accessories that make it easy to charge multiple devices at once. You can choose smaller items, like clamp mount outlets and USB chargers that you set up at each individual workstation. Or you can opt for a charging tower with similar functionality but room to connect multiple devices. These are great for placing in the center of the workstations, as you need these computer table accessories to reach all of the devices. We also have pop-up systems and those that sit on top of the tables, such as those from Smith System and Mooreco.

Accessories for Privacy

While many people in computer and tech spaces occasionally collaborate, there are also plenty of situations where privacy is important. This is where office furniture accessories, such as the desktop privacy panels from Best-Rite, come in handy.

Accessories for Storage and Convenience

Another set of computer table accessories is there to make sure everyone who uses the space has everything they need within reach. For example, a swivel cup holder lets you keep a water bottle handy but out of the way, so it won’t spill on the computer. Or a tote tray lets tech workers keep the desktop organized. If your space uses desktops, computer monitor mounts and arms are another must-have. "
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