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Tables and School Tables

Every school or organization needs tables for almost every space. Whether you need folding tables that you can pull out as needed or more permanent options for classrooms or the cafeteria, you can find them at Worthington Direct.

From Conference Tables to Side Tables: Find a Table for Every Use

Our selection of tables at Worthington Direct is extensive, including options for every potential need. Tables are the backbone to almost any space that contains furniture. It's the room's anchor, the activity and learning area, the group collaboration zone or the stand up meeting area. It must work harder than you do to provide years of support. 

Classrooms and Multi-Purpose Spaces 

If you are looking for a table that is a jack of all trades, the versatile activity tables is perfect for classrooms and multi-purpose spaces. They come in numerous sizes and creative shapes in just about every color imaginable.  You may also need folding tables that are easy to tuck out of the way when not in use or portable tables that you can easily move to different areas. Tables that fold and nest are very popular for use in multipurpose classrooms and library areas. Their nesting feature allows for compact storage to maximize open floor space. 

Specialized Tables for Specialized Skills

Are you looking for a table that can handle skilled hands? Our popular makerspace and work bench table section is filled with options for you to find the perfect shop table for CET or other elective classes. Or perhaps you need sturdy science tables that can handle experiments without damage? We also have tables specifically designed for computer labs, complete with convenient plugs or places to thread wires. Graphic arts tables and drafting tables have adjustable surfaces.

Cafeterias and Dining Tables

Of course, we also have a vast selection of cafeteria tables for student lunch breaks and employee lounge areas. Traditional lunch tables feature attached benches or stools with a folding design on wheels that’s easy to move around as needed. If you are looking for a complete cafeteria design, our partners at AmTab are experts with school lunchroom graphics. 

Outdoor picnic tables are designed to invite students and staff to eat in the open air of outdoors. Cafe style tables are common in corporate and higher education campuses. Often supported by a pedestal base which allows for a small footprint. Pair with cafe seating to complete a dining experience in any commercial space. 

Gather Everyone Around 

In addition to side tables for comfortable seating areas, we have plenty of larger options. Shop our office furniture section for sturdy conference tables to make sure your meeting space can accommodate all. 

Floor Furniture

One example is our floor furniture. These tables sit lower to the ground and come with chairs without legs. So, your students sit at ground level but still get the comfort and support of a chair, along with a table at the perfect height.

Dry-Erase Tables

Another unique option is our selection of dry-erase markerboard tables and desks. These tables will help boost student participation and engagement during lessons. They are also excellent for collaboration and prevent the need to buy a class set of small whiteboards.

Packages With Matching Tables and Chairs

If you want to add convenience to the ordering process, consider cafeteria tables with built-in benches or one of our many packages that include both tables and chairs. These take the guesswork out of figuring out which chairs are the appropriate height, color, and style for your chosen table.

Count on the Quality of Our Folding Tables and Other Options

Whether you choose folding tables or more permanent options, you can always count on their quality. At Worthington Direct, we make it a point to only stock furniture from industry-leading brands, like Correll, Midwest Folding, Allied Plastics, and Virco. This lets us guarantee the quality and durability of our furniture, including the tables.

Browse our selection to find the right tables for your school or organization.