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Science Lab Tables and Lab Tables

Science Lab Tables and Lab Tables

You should prioritize comfort and efficiency when you shop for lab tables or science tables. The best laboratory tables are those that can improve performance and productivity.

Choose the Right Size

Don't forget to consider the size of your laboratory when you shop for science tables. You should measure your lab first. After placing the table, there should be enough room for other furniture and for people to comfortably walk around it.

It's also important to consider the size of the door and hallway. Forgetting to measure a room before buying furniture is a rookie mistake, but it's an error committed by many shoppers.

Choose the Right Surface

Laboratory tables come with different types of surfaces. These surfaces are meant to withstand scratches and chemicals. Choose a surface that meets your needs. The most popular lab table surface is laminate. It's black and resistant to scratches and chemical spills. Check out the laminate tables from Smith System, Allied, and Diversified.

If you want a table with better chemical resistance, choose one with a ChemGuard laminate or phenolic surface. These surfaces are usually found in school lab tables used in chemistry labs. Allied and National Public Seating have durable lab tables with phenolic surfaces.

Science and lab tables with an epoxy resin surface are highly recommended for heavy-duty chemistry experiments. This surface is highly resistant to chemicals and heat. Allied and Woodcrafts have tables with epoxy resin surfaces.

Consider Your Needs

You should consider your needs before you shop for science lab tables. What are you going to use the table for? Who will be using it? What experiments will users be doing on the table? It's important to answer these questions when shopping for laboratory tables. If you're planning to do a lot of experiments, it's better to choose a table with storage compartments.
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